Details, details, details

Inspecting the brakes is an important part of the process.
What we found on this donor bike is that the seals of the pistons had cracked. This means they were added to the ‘repairs and replacement’ list produced along the Dismantle section of the build.

Any parts are then ordered from a parts specialist (which you will be provided details of as part of the course) and installed in the Rebuild section next on the Build a Motorbike course.

These fine details are all part of the fun, inspecting your donor motorbike and rebuilding it as a more efficient, personal and valuable machine. You will along the way seized bolts, missing parts, chopped ‘botch-job’ electrics and inefficiently tuned maintenance.

Overcoming these challenges, is the valuable learning curve and personal transformation you will find taking part in one of our courses. To Sign Up today click ‘Sign Up’ in the menu above.

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