Just press this

No really. Hah! Gotcha!
Do not put your fingers into a caliper and press the brake lever. This is an easy way to shorten the length of your fingers, but not a good idea for any other purposes, and we can’t think of any good reasons why you would want to shorten your fingers anyway?

Will is here showing Jack the process of the brake system. By removing the caliper from the wheel, you can then see the ‘pistons’ working inside the caliper when you press the lever. This is something you will find out on the course as brakes is one of the many sections we cover including engines, electrics, carburettors and final drive (sprockets and chain). If you are ready to shorten your fingers, why not sign up today! Only kidding!
*No shortening of fingers is required on the course, or recommended, finger shortening is done at your own discretion and is not reversible.

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